Monday, June 8, 2009

Polish The Cup!

1) The Stanley Cup will be in the building when the playoffs resume here in Pittsburgh for game 6. With the mauling the Wings put on the Pens in game 5, Detroit is poised to cop their 12th Cup. They already have by far the most Stanley Cup championships of any American based franchise.

2) With #12, they will be within one of Toronto, who haven't hoisted the silver chalice since 1967 (pre-expansion), for second most (behind the Canadiens' 24) Cups. It also would be the team's 5th Cup in 12 years. Combining that with their 6 President's trophy's in the past 15 years, you'd have to give serious consideration of calling Detroit a Dynasty. At the very least its probably as close to one as we can possibly get in the New Bettman salary crapped NHL.

3) So the question is, will Detroit end it tomorrow or have to wait until they return to The Joe Thursday? While we will stick with our original prediction of Detroit in 7, we would NOT be shocked to see the defending champs wrap things up tomorrow. However the Pens will not go down easily. They possess a mighty talented group, who as we have also mentioned in the past, should be back here many times in the future(Probably winning a few Cups of their own) However the Wings appear to have just enough of that championship swagger/confidence to pull it off this (last-?) time. So will the twitching little Napoleon be handing Lidstrom the Cup tomorrow or Thursday? Stay tuned. For now, the silver is polished and ready.......

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