Monday, June 22, 2009

Calendar of Events

1) With the Draft set to go off this Friday we figured this is a good time to alert our readers to the other important dates of interest this summer. We also have been told by Fauxrumors2 that they have a pre-draft post set to be released this week as well. They gave us a bit of a heads up that they might not be in total agreement with our most recent post that this draft might be filled with fireworks

June 15-30: NHL buyout period

June 26: Entry Draft, day 1 - Montreal
June 27:Entry Draft, day 2 - Montreal

July 1:Free agency begins.

July 5:Player-elected arbitration deadline

July 6: Team-elected arbitration deadline

July 10: Group 5 free agency deadline

July 20-Aug 4: Salary arbitration hearings

August 6:Deadline for arbitration decisions


The Dark Ranger said...

Thanks for remembering the basics, Faux. We are all so busy with rumors and picking our noses. The draft and free agency will finally give us something to chew on (or cry over).

You've provided a great season for us hockey fans -- so I extend a huge thanks for going the distance and covering the world of hockey we love. I may not always be commenting, but I'm always reading. So thanks!


The Dark Ranger


Thanks for the kind words Dark!

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