Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is Avery a Marked Man?

1) So does the NHL have the game's super bad boy on double secret probation? Is there an edict that came down from on high (Bettman) that Sean was to be given no benefits of the doubt/watched super closely? It certainly appears that way to us at Fauxrumors. Do not misunderstand, we are not big Sean Avery fans. However, we are also not huge detractors either. We believe all should be treated equally. From what we have seen thus far in the past few weeks, especially in the first 4 games of the rangers current playoff series with the caps, Avery is being called for every small/large infraction that is possible.

2) We are not saying that any of the calls have been wrong/fabricated. Far from it. Sean has 'earned' every PIM. However, we believe if another player with out his past had done exactly what he has done these 4 games that player would not have been penalized nearly as much/often. Of course Avery should realize/know this by now and take steps to not be the focal point by avoiding these situations. However, we believe that Sean is totally unable to control himself. It remains to be seen if Avery can contribute or detract from his teams chances of advancing. We can not foresee this latest 'second chance, (sloppy seconds) as lasting much beyond these playoffs and part of next season before John Tortorella explodes and banishes Avery, once again.

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