Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Trouble?

1) For most series we are only into the first 2 games, but already most of the teams that are behind can be classified as being' In Trouble!"

  • Canuck-vs Blues: The Canucks have a stranglehold 3-0 lead after winning another close one last evening. We picked the Canucks a and Blues to have a tight series, which it has, but so far the 'Nucks have won all the close games. Its all but over now.

  • Bruins- vs Canadiens: As most expected the B's dominated the Habs at their home barn. Looking dominant in their impressive 5-1 thrashing of Montreal Saturday. We ca see the Habs putting up a better fight in their home rink, but from the looks of things this series is over.

  • Red wings vs Blue Jackets: In the battle of colours, looks like Red is going to beat Blue. The Wings looked to be back to their playoff dominating selves with an impressive white washing of Columbus Saturday to take a 2-0 lead. We're looking forward to Columbus's first home playoff game. They best keep their emotions in check else this could be a very short series.

  • Rangers vs Capitals: An upset in the making. So far Henrik Lundqvist has been the difference here. Shutting down/out the Caps high powered offense. Taking the first two games in the Nation's Capital. The series shifts to Broadway tonight where the boys from DC best come out and show why they were the #2 seed, else this also will be a very short series.

  • Ducks vs Sharks: Most, other than Fauxrumors, are surprised to see the Ducks come out with a 2-0 series lead after two at the Shark tank. Its not over by any measure, but the Sharks now are in a deep hole and now have to move south to try to even the series and prove to the hockey world that they are more than a regular season phenomenon. Obviously, we think they are. The only question is how long until these sharks are done.

  • Black Hawks vs Flames: So far the young guys are winning the small battles over the vets and have a 2-0 lead going back to The saddledome. This series is NOT over, but the Flames had best turn up the heat else they might be heading to the links earlier than many predicted.

2) Not all the series are looking to be quick/short.

  • Devils vs Hurricanes. So far this is probably the closest series with the OT winner by NJ last evening they now have a 2-1 lead, but anyone who has watched these games can see its still up for grabs.

  • Penguins vs Flyers. We may have placed this series in the 'trouble' column if not for the impressive victory by the Flyers yesterday to cut the pens lead to 2-1. Still, the Flyers can not afford to lose their next game because we can not see them over coming a 3-1 series deficit.

3) As we wrote before the playoffs, many times a teams fortunes are determined by the 'matchup' they draw in especially these early series. The biggest illustration of this is the SJ-Anaheim series. We believe that the Sharks would/could have done better than they have so far if they had drawn Columbus or the Blues as their first round opponent. One of the times that winning the conference was not a good thing. We will continue to monitor all the series and report back our observations. As always, keep it here for all the latest!

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