Saturday, December 13, 2008

Week 10 Picks

1) In honor of Week 10, we have a nice picture of Bo Derek to share. Anyway, we bring our season totals to 65-46 for a .585 winning % into tonight's action of 12 games. Note, there are two afternoon games today.

Pittsburgh vs-Philadelphia Flyers

Atlanta vs-Boston Bruins (Lock of The Week)

Buffalo vs-New Jersey Devils

Tampa Bay vs-Ottawa Senators

Dallas vs-Nashville Predators

Vancouver vs-Edmonton Oilers

Minnesota vs-Los Angeles Wild

Washington vs-Montreal Habitants

Carolina vs-NY Rangers Hurricane

NY Islanders vs-Columbus Blue Jacket

Detroit vs-Phoenix Coyote

St. Louis vs-San Jose Shark

1 comment:

Antzmarching said...

My picks, Faux... I am late again, and the Pitt-Phi game has begun, so its off the board... I will take Philly, though, as they presently have a 4-1 lead... Winners:

New Jersey
Los Angeles
NY Rangers
San Jose

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