Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wizard of Osgood!

1) Before this season (and probably still) very few would have placed Chris Osgood among the all-time greats of goaltenders. Heck, we'd say that a majority of fans wouldn't have even placed him in the top 10 of current goalies in the NHL. Yet, when one looks at what his has, and is accomplished/accomplishing you have to admit he may belong among the elite of goalies. Many will point that he's playing for a great team(s). Point granted, but the RedWings were in early disarray against the Predators, and many can rightly point to the change in goal as the turning point of the playoffs for Detroit.

2) What has Osgood done since replacing Hasek? Only win. Osgood is 9-0 with a 1.47 goals-against average and .935 save percentage. If Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur, or Hasek had put up those kind of numbers many would be mentioning them as possible ConnSmythe candidates, yet we can find no article/stories/commentators that are mentioning this possibility. If he leads the Wings to the Cup it will only be his 3rd drink from the silver chalice. He would also surpass 100 playoff victories.(currently at 97). Add to that his 363-195 career mark and you can make an interesting argument that Osgood deserves Hall of Fame mentioning.

3) Having said all that we would have to say in our opinion that although it is true that Osgood's worth/talent has been understated/overlooked, he is NOT a Hall of Fame goalie. He deserves credit for being an above average goalie for sure, but NOT an elite. He has NEVER won a single Vezina trophy as the best goalie. We're not sure if he's even ever been nominated. Sure in the 1995-1996 season he won the William M. Jennings Trophy (Lowest goals-against) which he shared with Mike Vernon. He's never been named as a First team Allstar (2nd team twice).

4) His win totals are impressive, but truth be told he would not have nearly this kind of success if he were with a weaker franchise. In fact his non-Detroit win-loss numbers are quite pedestrian, (84-67). Its been a mutually beneficial relationship for both he and the Redwings and it appears that this symbiosis will soon result in yet another etching into Lord Stanley's Cup for Mr Osgood. Very nice career Chris, but not an All Time Great.



Thanks Faux for giving Ozzie the credit he never gets from anyone. I agree that he's not going into the hall, but he's been one of the more overlooked stars in the league the last few years. The numbers speak for themselves.

Antzmarching said...

The numbers ARE impressive... Good for Osgood... He may retire with two rings, as a starting goalie - NO ONE should scoff at that...

dlyjoe5726 said...

Osgood a fucking pussy.

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