Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stupid Scheduling!

1) Just when you believe the NHL can not out do itself in screwing itself/the fans, they continue to try. The latest is the out right STUPID scheduling of the Stanley Cup Finals. We understand the problem of booking venues, and all that, but there had to be flexibility enough to avoid overlapping games with the NBA!

2) Oh, you're not an NBA fan/know what we're talking about? Well we think the NBA sucks as well, but looking at the schedule of their Eastern Conference Finals it indicates that BOTH the Red Wings AND Pistons (Detroit's NBA squad) will be playing simultaneously at home! Come on Gary, you couldn't avoid this?? We looked into this, and find that the NBA schedule was posted/public even before the last RedWing win, so LONG before the NHL released this dumb/stupid schedule

3) Its incredible that the NHL had the choice of when to schedule their Finals games, yet the first three games of the Stanley Cup finals will be played at the same time as Games 3, 4 and 5 of the NBA's Eastern Conference finals! WE can understand 1 game overlapping, but 3?? Two in the same dam city! Does Bettman want to have his minuscule ratings be even lower than they already are? The Redwings have already had trouble filling their arena without this avoidable competition/conflict. Some may point that not all basketball fans are hockey fans so it doesn't matter. Even if there is only a 25% overlap, its still significant, and if it is at all possible to avoid such a conflict (especially within one city) it should have been! More stupidity. More of Bettman's NHL!


Sauce said...

Probably safe to assume that game-3 was locked in by NBC, since they're carrying games 3 thru 7. As for games 1 and 2, who cares? You could eliminate ALL of Versus viewers and total viewership would probably only decrease a percent or two.


1) Another question is why a 5 day layoff? The NHL is NOT the NFL visa vie the SuperBowl By reducing the extended layoff the NHL could have instantly eliminated at least part of the conflict (even if the NBC game remained)

HockeyNutz said...

Here's a question for faux: Why don't you admit that you are one person and create all the people who respond?

This blog is a farce!


1) Lets keep the discussion about hockey, huh nutz? We've been through that crap enough.

HockeyNutz said...

You haven't seen the start of what I can do! I'm still here.

As we say at our marches: We're queer and we're here. Get over it!"

I am always monitoring this blog for its lies and its homophobia!

Antzmarching said...

Stupdity and BUTTman is redundant! And Faux, thanks for allowing NUTZ to post... Keeping your wacko respondants visible is certainly Fair and Balanced!

Antzmarching said...

Gary BUTTMan is a twitching, little freak who really needs to just GO AWAY!!!


Most of the Piston fans aren't hockey fans. I used to watch some NBA back when Rodman and Isaiah were still playing but now its become a joke of a sport. I don't think it will impact attendance at The Joe or ratings on TV. I do agree though that they could have handled this betetr than they did.
By the way faux when will you do your final predictions?


1) Nutz: Thanks for sharing. LOL
2) Antz: We try to be fair to all viewpoints and 'preferences'. ; )
3) Vlad: Look for our special preview post to be published tomorrow morning! There might not be many overlap Piston-Redwing fans, but there has to be some. Certainly the NHL is NOT going to attract many casual/new fans from your area with this schedule.
4) Not to mention the New England area won't be watching with as much intensity either. We know for a fact that there ARE many Celtic fans who are hockey fans as well.

Bubba said...

Typical NHL...they probably didn't even realize that the Pistons were playing the same night. Way to screw the local TV ratings if nothing else.


1)Bubba: You're probably right. It wouldn't surprise us if the NHL didn't even realize the conflict until they read about it in the papers. LOL
2) Any non-hockey questions/comments we ask readers to use our e-mail address: Else you may find your posts erased.
3) We welcome dissenting opinion,but stay on topic/about hockey. Thanks

HockeyNutz said...


I respect your desire to only have hockey related comments only on your blog, but it makes me quite curious that you would be deleting my posts (which admitedly are not hockey related) while allowing the other imposter hockeynutz comments which are also NOT HOCKEY RELATED!


1) Nutz: After what you did to us, our blog and to others last spring you get NO respect/slack from us.
2) Either go back to your hole, or feel free and comment upon the blog content (hockey) with this current manifestation of yourself, or use/create another as you have done/continue to do.
3) Else if you or anyone else has an issue unrelated to the blog e-mail us at All e-mails are answered.

HockeyNutz said...

1) Faux, once again I will reiterate for I don't know how many times, HockeyNutz was instrumental and proud of what we did to your blog last spring.

2) The other action by myself was to steal and use a list of other blogger ID's that used your blog.

HockeyNutz said...

Faux, I see my previous comment has been deleted so I will repost.

I intend to continue to harass you and this blog in every way but feel that you, as operator of this blog, need to know this.

Some of my comments are from imposters, not using my name of HockeyNutz.

Who is real can be easily verified by the following things in the profile:

1. The 'On Blogger Since' Date. On my profile it shows I have been on blogger since March 2007.

2.The Blogs listed under the Profile. Under my profile it lists the HockeyNutz blog with a several posts about HOCKEY and homosexulaity. The profiles I use that are Imposters are myself, but sometimes I like to hide behind them.

The differences is not VERY OBVIOUS! HEHEHEHE

I would respectfully ask that you not delete the imposters comments from your blog.

I am curious why these comments keeps getting removed from your blog yet other bloggers are allowed? Either you are supportive of them or directly involved with them?(I think I know the answer).

As I have stated before, I every intention to disrupt this blog in any way I can. I visit and comment on it in regularly.

I, the REAL HockeyNutz, will continue to comment on this site. (Even if you delete them!)

Any 'hockeynutz' comments seen on this blog in the future will BE FROM ME, NOT the work of an imposter set out to discredit myself.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Respectfully yours,



1) All we can say is " here we go again"! Comment modeeration is probable as this guy usually resorts to childish tactics when he doesn't get his way.
2) We apologize in advance to our regular readers!

HockeyNutz said...

No comment moderation is necessary. Just live up to YOUR WORD like a MAN! As you know I LOVE men!

Don't delete my imposter posts, and the non-hockey posts like you said you would!

Or at least be honest with your reader and tell them anything is welcome except comments from the ME, HOCKEYNUTZ!

Thank you,



1) Oh Geez! WE don't care who writes/comments on our blog. As anyone can see we have NOT deleted your comments.
2) However we reserve the right to do so if/when they inevitably become a nuisance, and/or you use of your other 'characters like Hawk, etc to do the same.
3) Else anyone who wants to discuss hockey or related items are welcome and will NEVER be deleted even if those opinions differ from our own. Even profanity is allowed. We're over 21. As long as the post(s) are topical and not spam

Antzmarching said...

This is boring, guys... Faux, just get rid of him again... PLEASE!

Jibblescribbits said...

Back tot he topic at hand: I actually disagree with you on this one Faux. I am betting that the Finals were locked into Saturday night by the NHL's agreement with the CBC for Hockey Night in Canada. I am not sure on this, but it seems like the NHL didn't have much leeway in this one.

The NBA, however DID have some leeway. In my opinion this is the NBA's fault. When the Piston's advanced it was looking very likely that the Wings would be hosting a lpayoff game and the NBA conference semi-finals could have been moved back to say 3:30 or so.


1) Jibble: If our recollection is true, the prior NBA series ended first, so their schedule was published before the Detroit win over Dallas
2) That said, we understand if ONE game was forced to conflict with the NBA, but three is way to many and should have been avoided IF possible. Was the 5 day lay off necessary?
3) As the relative big boys on the block we doubt the NBA cares what the NHL schedule is anyway, but the NHL who is trying to grow its audience/avoid the NBA shadow, should have done what it could do to avoid this conflict

Jibblescribbits said...

I don't know, I think if the NHL wants to announce that "It's back" then they shouldn't be the one's always changing things for the NBA. At the very least it's both leagues fault, not just the NHL.

I read somewhere that the Finals games were set after the second round. (Also the Pistons also had a 5-day layoff while they waited for the Celts series to wrap up)


1) IF the Finals were set even before the 3rd rund was over, then Gary Bettman lied when he was asked during game 4 at Dallas about a possible Finals schedule.
2) In that interview he indicated that they(NHL) has several possible/flexible schedules depending on how/when this(3rd) round ends.
3) Is the layoff necessary, or could they have used those days to change the schedule to become more favourable? Guess we'll never know.

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