Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Men-2 Boys-0

1) If the first two games of the Finals are any indication the young Pittsburgh Penguins are totally outclassed against the more veteran Red Wings. In almost every aspect of the game the Pens have been dominated like they haven't been all season long. Managing a mere 41 shots in 2 games and not getting one of those shots passed Chris Osgood. The number of quality scoring chances could probably be counted on one hand in these 2 games! Neither contest was in doubt from the opening face-off onward.

2) Make no mistake, Osgood has been the better goalie, especially in game 1, but he has NOT been the reason for either victory. We'd have to say that UNLIKE last year's Finals when IF you exchanged goalies and no other personnel you'd get an opposite result; so much a stark difference existed between Giguere and Emory. If you placed Fleury on Detroit behind that blanketing/stifling defense he'd likely have a shut out streak and Osgood would be 0-2.

3) Many are wondering whats wrong with Geno Malkin? From having watched him play and grow all season long into a dominating player, he just doesn't appear to be the same from what he's been from X-mas until the second round of the playoffs. Some, including Malkin himself say its fatigue, whether it be mental or physical. However, we would be shocked if he weren't playing with an undisclosed injury. Its easier to get atomic secrets than to get accurate injury information this time of year, so we may have to wait until the Finals are over to know the real reason for Malkin's significant drop off.

4) Strangely few are castigating the Golden Boy, Sidney Crosby. Its not like he has been on fire either. Some might forget he IS a boy, of 20! He appears to be in over his head. All you have to do is look at the demeanor of both teams' captains for the stark difference. On one hand you have the scruffy faced(Has he really forgone shaving for 2 months now?) near-teen in Crosby leading his team of fellow early 20 somethings(with a few vets thrown in) against the amazingly professional/confidence that exudes from Nicklas Lidstrom and his fellow older teammates, and you can see why we say that the men are beating the boys.

5) The way the Wings are playing it reminds us in many ways of the old Soviet era teams where puck control and stifling defense coupled with opportunistic offense frustrated many a North American team in the late 70's/early 80's. Additionally it appears the gulf between the conferences has grown, not shrunk in the last few years. The West has clearly been the stronger conference going back a decade or more, but in the past the East was able to throw out a good enough counterpart into the Finals to win their share of Cups. We don't see the Pens (the best East team) as being in the same league as Detroit. We suspect that Pitt would have had trouble beating Dallas, SJ, Anaheim, and possibly Minnesota as well. So much better was the west this past season that this current Final should not be a shock. Alas the East should not give up hope. Some of the best young talent resides in that Conference. With teams like the Rangers, Washington, and the Penguins poised to make the leap from up and comers to actual Cup contenders. It takes time and maturity. Until that takes place, the men will continue to beat the boys.


Duncan N. Komani said...

I can say i am pleased to see the penguin get beat easy. I think my team could give detroit harder to win than pittsburgh are doing. Many player from europe on detroit. They play diffrent kind of game and it working well for them. I think it over.


So osgood isn't a difference maker? Do you think Hasek would be shutting the pens out to? Are you afraid of your ridiculous assertion that Fleury is better is going to come back to bite ya?
Just playing with ya faux, but you have to admit Ozzy is playing as well as is possible. The team feels confident in front of him. Its symbiotic in a way. Its been this way all season. No accident that his record was what it was. He's a dam good goalie. Light years better than MAF is right now or ever wil be I'd bet.
I do like your Soviet analogy though. We are playing very sound, almost mechanical like those teams did back then. Fearful of Babcock like they were of Viktor Tikanov huh? LOL

Jedediah Jones said...

Been a long time since I visited, but I see things are about the same. Once you get the hate on for someone nothing they do can get you to admit you were wrong about them.

I think your assessment of Osgood is way off base. He is on pace to have the lowest GAA of a Stanley Cup winning goaltender in NHL History.

Sure he has solid defense, but you don't get record setting numbers without having some skill of your own. To a man the Wings have said their best player has been Oz. He is doing it all for the Wings, cutting off the shoot in, moving the puck to the D, and making the odd brilliant save when he has had to.

Time to grasp reality, admit you are wrong, and give Oz the credit he deserves.

Afterall you could look quite foolish when he wins the Conn Smythe.


1) Duncan: Sorry, but we doubt the Flyers would have faired any better. We agree with your Euro observation. It will be interesting if other teams try (can) to emulate them.
2) Vlad: We were wondering when you'd pop in. As we're sure you have read we aren't 'dissing' your buddy Ozzie, but giving the lions share of the credit where its due, with his team. His non-Detroit numbers tell the story. He's a slightly above average goalie outside of that system. Put Fleury on the Wings and Osgood on Pitt, we're still looking at a 2-0 Detroit series lead
3) Jed/hockeynutz:We were wondering when you'd next try to use one of your stolen ID's again. Afraid to post under your main blog name? LOL
4) Anyway, normally we would have no issue with your post as its almost entirely hockey related, but please stop using these stolen ID's. The actual folks deserve their identities to remain clean.
5) Feel free to post under any non-stolen ID you may have. We welcome all posters; those who agree with us, and better yet, those that don't. However, any futher usage of one of the 20 or so 'known' stolen ID's will be simply erased as our strict no nonsense policy continues.

Duncan N. Komani said...

I guess we disagree then faux. I think our forward would give wings a tougher time. Do you think any team in the east confernce would have a chance aginst them guy?

Ron said...

Look for our guys to come our flying tonight at the Igloo. I think we were a bit overwhelmed about the whole spectacle of being here. I hope coach Therrian gets the boys ready to play their game. I think if we play penguin hockey we can score a bunch of goals and win both games here and then go back there tied 2-2!
Also, can the flyer fans give up the sour grapes bullshit already? We beat you guys fair and square. Like faux said, your team would have no shot beating Detroit

hawk said...

Man are you the one who keeps trying to imitate my buddies blog:http://h0ckeynut.blogspot.com/

Didn't he tell you to stop it?

I have destroyed harder targets than this one. Don't tempt me! Consider yourself warned.

I'm watching you man!


1) Duncan: We don't think ANY team in the East would have beaten Detroit right now
2) Ron: We believe the reason for the domination through the first 2 games goes deeper than a mental block/intimidation, but there is no doubt that that played a small role, especially when things started to go poorly. The tonic for this is to score and get a lead.
3)Hawk: Yes, yes, yes, you're watching us, etc. Just when we thought it was safe to go back to blogging... (cue the Jaws music) LOL

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