Thursday, November 6, 2014

On Very Thin Ice?

1) That's the word on the street concerning Columbus Blue Jackets head coach Todd Richards Of course its not surprising seeing that Ohio's team is quickly falling out of the playoff race and its only early November!  Originally when we rated the coaches in the most jeopardy Richards wasn't in bad shape to start the season. (a 3 out of 10)  However we wrote last month that "there are now expectations so if they falter Todd could be the scape goat"   

2) Our sources in Columbus tell us that team president John Davidson is getting antsy seeing what he (and most) believed to be an up and coming team that was sure to be in the top 8 in the East quickly becoming irrelevant and losing with regularity. Yes, they have suffered several significant injury issues, but many teams have as well and they aren't fading like the Jackets. 

3) An already fragile fan base will erode further and be difficult to recoup if the team falls into a season long abyss. Therefore if the team doesn't make an abrupt turn around in the next week or two, Richards will be replaced.  Which begs the next question, who would be his successor? Ron Wilson is the name we keep hearing

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