Monday, November 24, 2014

At The Quarter Poll-2014 Edition

1) With nearly all teams having now played 20% of their schedules  we decided as we usually do when there is a full NHL season to project (NOT predict) the finals standings. Obviously there is plenty of time for teams outside of the playoffs to get back in, but some trends are clearly becoming evident. This is NOT a Prediction!! We merely are projecting an 82 game season point total based upon each teams current point total/games played. Although we delineated the top 8, with the new playoff structure, its not a done deal that he 8th seeded team would qualify if the season ended today

2) First in the East:

  • Pittsburgh- 118
  • Montreal- 115
  • NY Islanders- 112
  • Tampa Bay- 109
  • Detroit- 100
  • Boston- 95
  • Ottawa- 93
  • Toronto- 91
  • Florida- 89
  • NY Rangers -88
  • Washington- 84
  • New Jersey- 80
  • Philadelphia- 76
  • Carolina- 60
  • Columbus- 56
  • Buffalo- 53
3) Next The West:
  • Anaheim- 113
  • Nashville- 112
  • St. Louis- 110
  • Vancouver- 110
  • Calgary- 102
  • LA-  99
  • Chicago- 95
  • Minnesota- 93
  • Winnipeg- 84
  • San Jose- 83
  • Dallas- 76
  • Arizona- 73
  • Colorado- 72
  • Edmonton- 53
4) Synopsis East:  Positives: A nice surprise to see the Islanders become relevant in the NY metro area. Hopefully they can keep it up. Detroit playing a top tier team proves they have one of the best coaches in the business! Fla stying in the race, also nice to see. Negatively the demise of Columbus is the most shocking.  Yes, they have had injuries, but to fall out of the playoff race this early?   Changes are coming there for sure. Also Flyers playing mediocre hockey won't be tolerated long. In Buffalo they were supposed to suck, but this bad?  Sorry Ted, we've been big supporters through the years, but unless you can get more out of this collection, your days as a head coach are done! 

5) Synopsis West:  Good surprises: Nashville and Vancouver!  New coaches definitely making a difference. Laviolette typically does well his first season with teams, then his players start to figure out he's just a New England douche and they tune him out. WE can understand why Willie Dejardens was so sought after this past summer. The 'Nucks are playing very well. Additionally who thought Calgary would be here?  We certainly didn't. On the flip side, Colorado has to be the biggest disappointment thus far.  Many (including us) figured they'd  push the big boys for conference supremacy. Now the playoffs are looking quite unlikely! Edmonton, like Buffalo wasn't supposed to win, but come on'. enough already Oil!  How does Dallas Eakins still have a job!?!

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