Monday, October 20, 2014

Pronger=Player Safety???

1) Our initial reaction to the rumour that the NHL was going to hire (former-?) Flyer Chris Pronger to be part of the department of Player safety was comeon', that's gotta be a made up story. No way would the NHL hire a current NHL player, but one who has one of the most tarnished records in recent memory visa vie playing dirty.  When we finally heard it was indeed accurate we went ballistic. What the F$%k is the NHL thinking here?  Are the stories going around that Flyers owner Ed Snyder was influential in getting this done?
2) So lets look at Prongers past:

  •  1995: The league suspended Pronger, then with the Blues , for four games after he hit Capitals forward Pat Peake in the throat with a stick during a Oct. 29 game.Peake suffered a fractured thyroid cartilage and was expected to miss four weeks at the time of the hit.
  • 1998: Pronger, still with the Blues, was suspended for four games for slashing Phoenix's Jeremy Roenick on Dec. 17. Pronger drew a match penalty when he took a swing at Roenick's helmet. Colin Campbell, the NHL senior vice president and director of hockey operations, ruled that Pronger was attempting to injure Roenick in an "extremely reckless and dangerous manner."
  •  2001: Pronger was suspended for one game after leaving the bench and instigating a fight with the Kings' Kelly Buchberger during an Oct. 11, 2000 game. 
  • 2002: Pronger received a two-game suspension for cross-checking Stars forward Brendan Morrow in an April 3 game. The cross-check left Morrow bleeding near one of his eyes. 
  • 2004: Pronger, still with St. Louis, was suspended one game  for kicking Calgary's Ville Nieminen during a March 14 game.
  • 2007: Pronger, in his first postseason with the Ducks, was suspended one game for his hit on Detroit's Tomas Holmstrom on May 15.  The hit knocked off Holmstrom's helmet and left him on the ice with a cut to his forehead. Holmstrom did return to the game.  Replays apparently showed Pronger hitting Holmstrom in the head with his elbows, leading the NHL to review the incident.
  • 2007: Pronger was suspended one game for his blow to the head of Ottawa's Dean McAmmond in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals. McAmmond was struck as he skated with the puck toward the Ducks net. He did a spin, fell backward, struck his head on the ice, and slid into the corner in the Anaheim zone at 2:01 of the third period. McAmmond was briefly knocked out and left the ice looking woozy after several minutes of on-ice attention. (Only two other players in NHL history have been suspended twice in the same playoff season.)
  • 2008: In the first minute of the second period of the Ducks' game March 12 against the Canucks, Pronger and Canucks forward Ryan Kesler got tangled up in the corner behind the Anaheim goal. Kesler,  hit Pronger but ended up on his back, with Pronger's right foot between his legs. Pronger got his foot free, but video shows he took his foot and stepped hard on Kesler's left leg. Kesler was not injured, but he was adamant after the game that Pronger intentionally stepped on his calf. The NHL reviewed it, and no punishment was initially administered. The league got better, clearer video the next day, and on March 15, handed down the eight-game suspension, the longest of Pronger's career.

3) Now those are the times when Pronger was either caught or disciplined beyond a penalty in a game. In our opinion he got away with WAY more than this!  So he's the guy we want to manage/assist this important duty? Additionally, as he is STILL being paid by Philadelphia, isn't that an automatic conflict of interest?  No, FORMER player, not currently under contract, who hasn't been on the wrong side of the law a gazillion times were available?  Asinine! 

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