Thursday, October 9, 2014

No Brodeur in Jersey?

1) It struck us as we read over all the 30 teams' rosters that a main stay, Martin Brodeur will start the season on the outside looking in. What surprised us even more was the fact that his former (only) team, the NJ devils had replaced him with Scott Clemmensen?  Sorry Scott, you had some decent days as a back up, but at 38 you're hardly an upgrade from 40 yr old Brodeur.So why wouldn't/didn't the devils at least retain Marty as a back up since they obviously don't have a better option?

2)  Quite simply Lou Lamarello felt that keeping Marty, as much as he admires him, would be more of a "distraction" than anything for the team and more specifically to now-starter Cory Schneider. Despite the attempts to make Schneider the #1  guy last season, and he played like it, having Brodeur in the locker room split the team in some ways that Lou felt needed to be erased.  While Brodeur would have (and probably still will) be offered a management type position within the organization, he is unwelcome in Newark until he officially retires. What remains to be seen is if a team who has goaltending injury issues might take a chance on Marty. Our sense is the longer the season goes on the less likely we'll see that happen so the end might be coming soon for the Hall of fame bound Montreal native!  

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