Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why was Bobby Ryan Snubbed?

1) There is absolutely NO Question that Ottawa Senators star winger Bobby Ryan got shafted by the US Olympic hockey selection committee. When it comes to choosing who will make up an Olympic hockey roster, there are bound to be snubs no matter who is chosen. However in the case of Ryan, the rationale of leaving home the second-leading goal scorer among American-born NHL players since 2008-09 is so idiotic/inane/dumb it's likely to cause headaches and blackouts.Only Phil Kessel has more goals than Ryan over this period

2) Our readers may recall that Ryan made the 2010 U.S. Olympic team as a 22-year-old, when his alleged skating shortcomings and inability to play the penalty kill didn't prevent his inclusion. While he didn't produce during the Vancouver Games, delivering only one goal in six contests, you'd have to look at him today. In that he brings a more impressive body of work over the past 4 years in addition to having that Olympic experience he gained four in 2010.

3)  "I think he's sleepy. I think he skates sleepy," offers one member of the selection committee.  What the hell does that mean??   Are his eyes closed? Does he have his arms extended, as if he were sleep walking? Is he narcoleptic? Is he collapsing on the ice?  I've always thought if someone can do something well in their sleep, they're very good at that particular thing. I'd rather have the sleepy 30-goal scorer than the caffeinated 20-goal scorer any day of the week. No?

4) The potential big downside to those comments that became public about Ryan is what does the committee do if a forward or two suffers an injury in the next five weeks and can't go to Sochi? After bashing him would they dare ask him to join them after all?  One well placed insider tell Fauxrumors If I were Ryan I'd tell them to just stick it!  He is too good a person to do that and despite being hurt by the way this whole mess transpired I would be shocked if he declined an injury replacement invite.Stay tuned. We will have our Olympic Hockey Preview post in the up coming weeks

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