Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Greedy One Returns!

1) We are of course referring sarcastically to Wayne Gretzky. The Hall of Famer, and former chief ambassador to the game for the NHL is apparently back in the fold. Did anyone know he was gone? Well, if you were wondering TGO was owed a few million in the Phoenix deal. If you recall, in addition to being WELL overpaid to coach (poorly) the team, he was also given a small piece of the action (ownership) Evidently, despite being paid millions upon millions to coach (MUCH more than anyone else despite a less than stellar track record) when the team declared bankruptcy, and the NHL subsequently came in to salvage the franchise Gretzky felt he should still be compensated for his ownership piece once the team is sold.

 2) The NHL seeing how the other owner(s) were not going to get a similar deal, balked at the prospect of having to dole out additional $$ to Wayne. However, instead of keeping his Faux-nice guy image and be a good NHL citizen, Gretzky decided that if he wasn't given his $$ he wasn't going to be a public figure endorsing the league that allowed him to be come a multi-millionaire. He was rarely, if ever seen in an NHL rink for the past few years Things began to thaw two years ago when the NHL announced it would do a weekly show from Gretzky's over rated restaurant in Toronto. Giving him millions in fees (and boosting the sagging business in the process) The NHL did not have to do that, but we're told that the league had made a judgement that having one of the all time greatest players in their good graces was worth a few million it would take .

3) Some loyal readers may recall we have been the only outlet to tell it like it is with respect to Gretzky. As you can read for yourselves a 5 year old post--->  http://newfaux.blogspot.com/2009/11/gretzky-paid-off.html    Fast forward to this past week when Gretzky restarted his public Faux good guy image once again for everyone to see. He made an uncomfortable appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Later he would be spotted at the various venues where the 35 out door games are scheduled to assist in promotion. Does anyone believe he's doing this for any other reason than he wants the NHL gravy train  to continue.  While there is NO denying that 99 was one of the all-time greats, on the ice, few other than us here at Fauxrumors have had the balls to say what other bloggers/writers know about TGO (The Greedy One)

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