Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trade Analysis and Thanks!

1) WE at Fauxrumors before we analyze the recent sabres-Islanders transaction want to send out a HUGE Thank you to our sources who allowed us to alert our readers about the trade days before it transpired! One especially loyal source gave us most of the details we were able to share with you.  If not for these folks we wouldn't be able to relay our now world famous faux-rumors. A big heart felt Thanks!

2) As for the trade, we believe the Islanders over paid, and in general lost the trade for a variety of reasons.  The aspect that won't become apparent right away is the immediate loss of team chemistry the Isles dealt away with Matt Moulson.  Although his production has gone under the radar, his numbers  compared to Thomas Vanek are comparable. So in that regard the trade is a wash in our opinion. However, in addition to probably ruinng team chemistry for a lateral move, and not addressing the true team need-defense- Garth Snow also dealt away 2 potentially big draft picks. A first rounder in 2014 and a 2nd in 2015. We're told the Isles have the option to push the 1st round pick to 2015.

3) Nice coup for Buffalo who  have no post season hopes.  The acquisition of Moulson gives them another chip to trade before the deadline to a contending team looking to bolster their PP AND they also pocket 2 high draft picks. One of which could end up being a 'lottery pick' if the Isles once again stumble in November.  The only way the Isles win or even break even here is if Vanek propels them into the post season and they win a round, AND they can re-sign him for a reasonable size and term deal. All of those scenarios are improbable. The Isles could slip into the playoffs but it would be highly unlikely they would advance with this defense. Its also unlikely Vanek would settle for anything less than what he'd get on the open market next summer when the salary cap might exceed 70 million. We're talking 8 years 65+ million, or even more.  In our opinion the Isles will rue the day they made this deal and add that to the Neiterreiter debacle, Snow will have managed to squander 2 big assets!

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