Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sabre Trade Ratteling

1) The word we are hearing from around the league is that a few teams are already on the verge of making a deal. One western scout tells Fauxrumors that we should expect a "significant trade" before the week is out, or certainly soon thereafter. While he wouldn't go on the record to identify the player(s)/teams involved he did hint it was 2 Eastern teams that have been at or near the bottom of the standings.

 2) We weren't content to let that rumor stand so we have been digging furiously since that report/source first gave us that info 48 hours ago. So we started asking further to other trusted sources who have broken other deals with us in the past and from what we can discern one of the teams is definitely the Buffalo Sabres. Now, while that's hardly shocking it seems quite early to already be throwing in the towel, but this source tells Fauxrumors that the potential return on this soon to be UFA player would be so much more than they could get later in the season that they are going to be proactive and try to consummate the deal sooner rather than later

 3) The first thing we assumed was that this must involve goalie Ryan Miller, who is set to be an UFA and hasn't been shy about wanting a fresh start elsewhere. However we are hearing it is more likely to be their other high value trade target in Thomas Vanek! Vanek, like Miller is set to become a UFA this next summer and would probably be a prized addition to a team making a Cup run. However, as stated earlier, the Sabres have apparently been offered more than they feel they would have otherwise received were they to wait till February. We're also told the Sabres would be willing to eat some of Vanek's salary to entice a low budget team. When we heard that we immediately thought could this potential deal involve the NY Islanders? Stay tuned to Fauxrumors as this develops.

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