Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Deal By Next Week?

1) That's the word we at Fauxrumors received earlier this morning from reliable sources within the ranks of both sides.  We are told that detailed discussions have been on going for the past 3 days now at a mid town Manhattan hotel "The Drake" we believe.  Thus far unlike previous negotiations, "core economic" issue are the main discussions taking place.  The principals Bettman and Fehr are both taking part here and actual progress is being made we're told.  The split of revenue actually has already been agreed upon, as well as the amount of revenue sharing. "Significantly up" from what the NHL offered in their open proposal is what we were informed. No numbers just yet, but that was a big sticking point for the NHLPA.

2) The other huge issue was the all important "make whole" provision that would limit the losses of players who already signed contracts. That issue as we previously discussed 2 months ago is what irked the players most. Owners giving out big contracts knowing they not have to live up to them. On this issue the owners gave in big time. From what we have been informed it is this concession that brought the 2 sides back to the table in the first place. Once that frame work for further discussion was set, the rest seemed to have fallen into place (so far). We don't want to get too excited just yet. A reliable source also told us its still too early on that "someone could still 'Fubar' the whole thing and we would literally go back to square 1 and a probable lost season."

3) So what spurred on this?  Well, that's where the story gets REAL interesting.  No one wants to take the credit/blame, but someone who we trust told us that a group of owners headed by NY Rangers Charles Dolan met with Gary Bettman and demanded a deal get done. He, we're told, didn't want to see the league brought down by a few rouge owners led by hardliner Jeremy Jacobs.  He stated that his coalition of big revenue teams would be willing to 'up their ante' on sharing revenue if the league allowed some of the rules that allowed some cap circumvention/  allowed the big market teams 'flexibility' to remain. That helped Bettman and Fehr to sit down and the rest seems to be coming together well. For as much as the rhetoric said they were far apart, in reality they weren't/aren't. That's why it would be a shame if this didn't solidify into the deal we have been told might come as soon and early next week. Stay tuned we may actually be back talking hockey here at Fauxrumors by next weekend!!

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