Friday, September 2, 2011

Save The Date(s)

    1) Just a few reminders of the important dates the upcoming season

  1. Oct. 6: Start of 2011-12 regular season

  2. Oct 7-8 - NHL Premiere Games, at Berlin (Sabres vs. Kings), Helsinki (Ducks vs. Sabres), and Stockholm (Rangers vs. Kings, Rangers vs. Ducks).

  3. Oct. 9 - New Winnipeg Jets franchise begins play with a home game against Montreal.

  4. Nov. 12: Hall of Fame Game (Ottawa @ Toronto)

  5. Dec.1 Last day for RFA's to sign or sit out NHL season.

  6. Dec. 26 - 2012 IIHF World Junior Championship begins in Calgary and Edmonton.

  7. Dec. 17-Dec. 28: Holiday Trade Freeze

  8. Jan. 2, 2012: NHL Winter Classic (New York @ Philadelphia)

  9. Jan. 28-29: All-Star Weekend in Ottawa

  10. Feb. 29: NHL Trade Deadline

  11. Apr. 7: Last day of regular season

  12. Apr. 11: Start date of Stanley Cup Playoffs

  13. May 4 - 20: IIHF World Championship in Finland/Sweden

  14. June 22-23: 2012 NHL Entry Draft Pittsburgh, PA

Note: FR2 tells me he is ready to publish our annual 'Rating The Franchises' post next week. He tells me that new this year he will break it up into 3 separate posts as to make it a much more manageable read. Its been a couple of years since our last installment. Enjoy!

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