Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Are You F-Ing Kidding Me??

1) We can not believe the amazing uproar being created by recent events, both of which surround Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds. First, last week in a preseason game against the RedWings, played in western Ontario a 'fan' tossed a banana in Simmonds' general direction during the after game shoot out festivities. Naturally being that Simmonds is of African decent it was surmised, without knowing the idiots intent, that this was a racially motivated action. Not the common action of a moron trying to place him/herself into the game by throwing an object onto the ice. Perhaps it was racially motivated, but as of this writing we do not know that for sure. What is certain, the amazing out rage that poured in was as if a noose with the "N" word on it had been thrown at Simmonds. There was universal outrage that this was awful, etc. OK, for the record we do NOT condone ANYONE throwing objects on to the ice. Its very dangerous to the players. Anyone who is caught should be prosecuted. However, how does one discern/afix 'intent' and does this somehow make it a more heinous offense?

2) Fast forward to this week when the same Wayne Simmonds' team is playing against the NY Rangers and known super pest Sean Avery. Apparently Simmonds took exception to a common Avery tactic, 'the sucker punch and run.' From there on in Simmonds was intent to fight Avery. The two apparently exchanged words. It wasn't until afterwards that we find out that among the interplay Simmnds called Avery a "Faggot". Evidently from the reaction of various pro-homo groups that's the gay equivalent to calling Simmonds a "Nigger". In other words the absolute worst thing you can ever say or do without it being a felony (yet)! Firstly, who give a fucking shit what players yell at each other during the heat of a game?!? I hated it when this whole bull shit started a few years ago with the Shane Doan allegations of an anti Franco-phone epitaph directed at an official (later proved to be false). Later we have had various incidents of profanity being interlaced with racially charged wording. Whether against black or Native Americans/First Nation players, each reaction to these incident has incrementally grown in volume.

3) Its our position that if a player says anything on the ice at all it should remain there and no punishment should ever be taken period. Its a high pressure/violent game. Political Correctness(PC) has NO place here. Players should agree to stop the fucking whining over it. Sadly we have gotten to the point now where society teaches us that every minority group is a victim. Apparently that has now spilled over into the all sports and now solidly in NHL as well. No doubt there will be a severe reaction from the league. Simmonds can expect a big fine and probably a suspension. If it were up to us all players/officials would be mic'ed and fans would enjoy the game all the more (paying extra or the privilege as we wrote/suggested 3 years ago). Perhaps this would lessen the verbiage used, or make fans/media over react less to the stuff that is spatted in the heat of battle. To us at Fauxrumors, the trend of pussifying the game continues and saddens us.

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