Friday, May 15, 2009

Original 6 -VS- Cinderella

1)With last night's duel game 7's we have the NHL's version of The Final Four complete. In the West things went right as many expected with the RedWings prevailing, although probably with quite a bit more of a fight from the Ducks than many(other than FAUXRUMORS) expected. They will face off with another 'Original 6' team, the Chicago BlackHawks who defeated the Canucks in 6 games a few days earlier.

2) The NHL has to be pleased as punch with 3 of the 4 teams representing the Final 4. The lone exception has to be the Cinderella Hurricanes who knocked off the top seeded (other original 6 team) Bruins last evening in dramatic fashion. An OT game winning goal by Scott walker late in the first OT sent the (non capacity-?) crowd in the TD Banknorth Garden home disappointed. This coupled with Wednesday's blow out of the Eastern Conference 2nd seed Washington Capitals at the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins, this will pit the 4th vs the 6th seeds for the Conference crown starting Monday in Steel town. Ideally we are sure Gary Bettman would have preferred the Bruins against Sid The Kid in the Conference Finals, but the Cinderella Canes just wouldn't cooperate.

3) We will handicap both series in an upcoming post here at Fauxrumors. Overall the NHL has to be pleased that there are no Pacific time zone teams remaining. This means that none of the remaining games will start after 8:00 pm Eastern time for better possible TV ratings. They also have their darling boy(Crosby) still playing. We would surmise that the Canes might soon find out what that means with respect to getting calls as the Caps discovered when they played the Pens last series. When despite the teams being separated by 1 goal scored through 6 games the Pens had a 34-18 PP advantage! As one source kiddingly/graphically told us last week, "If Bettman hands Crosby the Cup you can bet he'll be simultaneously ejaculating". We aren't sure he'll be THAT excited, but the league probably wouldn't mind seeing their Golden boy win. So we have one Original 6 series against 2 teams that weren't even in playoff position a mere 6 weeks prior to the end of the season.

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