Friday, May 22, 2009

Only Crooks Need Apply?

1) This has to be what one comes away thinking with regard to NHL owners who are allowed to be part of the elite 30 individuals who own NHL franchises. Certainly if one looks at who is in charge and who has been implicated/indicted/convicted over the last decade or so that's the conclusion we'd have to make. We posted last year a more detailed list of the various crooks throuh the years in the NHL.

2) In Gary Betman's NHL You falsify documents, you defraud banks, you run shell games with financial institutions, you fake having money, phony documents, a Ponzi scheme, and stealing from the bank his own father started and if you do it well enough, they make you chairman of the board of governors, as in Bruce McNall, etc . Under his watch as commissioner five different NHL owners have gone to jail. Yet for some reason his biggest adversary is someone who has legitimate assets, Jim Balsillie? Only in the upside down world that is the NHL can such stupidity not only be allowed but promoted.

3) One can only assume that the NHL itself is corrupt/not to be trusted if the folks who make up/own it/run it, by and large are crooks themselves. Nothing else can explain this. If someone else can come up with a better explanation we are all ears!

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