Monday, February 9, 2009

Mats Sundin: Subtraction by Addition?

1) After all the talk around the NHL for over 6 months pertaining to the reemergence of Mats Sundin, it seems it was all for nothing. All summer and fall we were hearing countless rumours of where the big Swede would end up (For our part we stuck with Vancouver almost from the start). Many thought that his signing would cause an instant shift in the balance of power where ever he ended up. Be it the Canucks, Habs, or Rangers. Many thought he could be the missing piece in their teams' puzzle toward sipping champagne out of the Cup this June.

2) A funny thing happened along the way to that late spring parade. Mats has sucked! Despite a 3 point game this past Saturday, Sundin has a mere 8 points in 11 games thus far. More alarmingly is the Canucks record since his arrival. They have won only twice (the 2nd this past Saturday) since they signed Mats to a pro-rated 5 million dollar deal. Right now the Canucks are on playoff life support. Having fallen from a top the NW division and the 3rd seed, to a perilous virtual tie with Edmonton for 8th, with another 4 teams 3 points or less behind them.

3) Many thought the addition of Sundin along with a return of super star goalie Roberto Luongo would propel the Canucks back up the standings. It seems to have had the opposite effect. Not only is Mats not scoring at the pace that he was expected, he's looked old and slow in doing it. As is the case with many an aging vet, he has a poor +/- (a -5 through 11 games projects to a -36) and he has taken more than a few restraining minors (8) already! Now we will attribute some of this 'start' to being 37 and not having played at all in 8 months, but why so bad and why have the Canucks been losing since he got there?

4) For one its one thing to add a player at the bottom of the roster which has almost no effect even if the player contributes nothing. But if you add a marquis player, the identity of the team changes. This can be good or bad. In this case it is turning out very badly thus far. The Canucks had an identity before Sundin signed. However, they don’t seem to have one now. Many thought that the signing Sundin was a no risk proposition. The team didn't have to give up an asset to get a top 6 forward. At worst, they would be wasting some of the owner’s money. Wrong!! So far its been subtraction by addition!


DexTer said...

I think Mats been trying too hard out there. He looked pretty good Saturday. He'll be OK once he gets into shape.
I don't think it has to do with chemistry. Its not like when messier came here and thought he was the head coach

Silas said...

Anyone ever think that maybe he's over rated?
What has he ever done for his teams? He never won a dam thing. Good riddance

The Dark Ranger said...

Faux...not sure where you found that, but that Sundin picture is FRIGGIN PRICELESS....straight out of some Land of the DEAD movie...scary stuff. Imagine how payroll feels?



1) Dark: LOL, yes we thought that photo was apt for the subject line. Of course as soon as we write this blog entry Mats go on a tear! Scored 2 more goals last night!

Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

Yet now Sundin is one of the hottest players in the league right now and had another tally last night.

It is true that the Canucks just sat back and thought "We're saved!" once he got here, but it's obvious that they are awake from their coma and Sundin is finally back into the tempo of the NHL game.

Mike said...

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1) Jes: Sure, we write a story on Mats and now he's doing his best to make liars out of us! LOL
2) Mike: Thanks, you have mail.

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