Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week 13 Results

1) 'Lucky' Week 13 is in the books. Lucky that is for us as we went an impressive 8-2 on the day/night. The difference between an impressive and a so-so night was winning both games that went into extra time, so lucky indeed.  The results bring our season totals to 106-52 for a .671 winning %!!  We easily got our "lock" as the Rangers obliterated the Sabres. Sorry Vlad, we didn't think 'your wings' were particularly ready to win last night. Call it a hunch?  Perhaps  ;)

2) We will be back next Saturday when 'Week 14' commences and 11 games are scheduled.  We are planning a post this week concerning the 'unique' situation behind the bench in Jersey. Also we promised a reader a "power rankings' so that is on the docket either this week or next.
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I should have expected Miller to stand on his head last night, right Faux?


1) Admittedly Miller had a pretty good game but isn't it you who is always espousing how important goal tending is?

HockeyNutz said...

Oh this is still so much fun! LOL!
Where should I start...

1 So even though you posted the Predictions BEFORE the games you still got most of them right I'm sure you cheated. Your a liar!

2 I see you are still answering your own posts like a loser you are.


Yes, yes Faux guilty as charged I AM the guy who always says the team with the best goalie usually wins. You got me.
Hey, doesn't that Nutz guy ever get tired of looking like a loser?


1) Vlad: I bet you thought I forgot about your goal tending 'bias'. ;) As for the moron you alluded to, No I don't foresee him stopping any time soon. He's been 'enamoured' with this blog for almost 9 years now. Yes, on many levels it's sad!
2) Nutz: I see you're making 'friends' with some of my regulars on here. Oh, thanks for noticing that I posted my picks BEFORE the games started. As we always do ofcourse

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