Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year- 2015!! 

1) Just a quickie note to wish all our readers the very best this New Years! 2015 will be the 10th calendar year, (yes you read that correctly TENTH) we at FAUXRUMORS have been blogging.

 2) We are excited to begin the year where we left off; Providing hard hitting, unique commentary, rumors and rumor evaluation, and of course always with irreverent humor. Thanks to all of you for making this venture so much fun! As always, keep it here for all the latest in 2015 and beyond!


Stacy Schnall said...

Happy new yeer fauxrumor. i hope its a gud 1

Victor said...

Hope its a great 2015 guys!

Silas said...

Ten years? Really? That just means you're old HEEE HEE


An nou fericit

Happy New year

Dr. George Varga said...

Happy and healthy New year Faux!

La Grenouille said...

Bonne année


1) Wow, 'happy new year' in multiple languages. Cool!
2) Thanks Silas you bastard! LOL
3) Stacy: Been way too long since we've heard from you. Still haven't found 'spell check' I see ;)

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