Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ribiero Moves Brothel East

1) In an interesting move(s) today, the Nashville Predators signed both Derek Roy as well as Mike Ribiero. The Roy signing we actually like. While Derek didn't tear it up last season in St Louis, the 31 year old is a solid citizen and a good team mate. We feel a change of scenery and low expectations will provide opportunity for Roy to again regain his scoring touch and add veteran leadership to the new look Preds.

2) On the other hand we do NOT like the signing of Ribiero. While he is an overall better player than Roy in an exclusively talent perspective, he has NOT EVER been considered a 'good team  mate! There is a reason he was bought out earlier last month by Phoenix who were willing to rid themselves of the cancer that is 'Ribs'. Sources tell us that not only is Mike a self centered player, but has worsened in recent years as his marriage also fell apart. Becoming a "a real dick' is how one well placed source tell us.  It'll be interesting to see how long Peter Laviolette, also known as quite the dick himself, puts up with Ribiero's antics. Our guess is he will be on the trade block before the calender year's end!

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