Monday, February 24, 2014


1) That is all we can say with regard to the 'wizards of smart' who assembled the 2014 United States Olympic Hockey Team. The results of not even bringing home a medal  is inexcusable, enough, but knowing that it was a result of not bringing enough offense to the tournament, coupled with the fact that they U.S. left some of their better scorers at home, and you get what we got...patheticness.

2) The sentiment among the USA managers were that since the games were going to be played on the bigger ice surface that it made sense to bring swift skaters, and not the bigger, 'slower' plodder types to Sochi.  The problem is that the eventual winner, and the pre-tournement favourites, Canada didn't play into that thought process. They intuitively knew their big mobile defense could negate most teams fast skaters. They were proven correct.  While players like Phil Kessel scored at will against lesser competition, he and his teammates were NO match for Canadian defense

3) Would players like Bobby Ryan and Kyle Okposo have made a difference?  We believe absolutely. Both are not only great with their hands, but are bulls in a china shop types who wouldn't wilt at the site of the big mobile Canadian defense. Would it have been enough is hard to say, but to leave 2 of your best forwards home, and to have that be the single biggest difference between bringing home at least a Bronze and nothing leaves us to the conclusion that the morons who assembled the team failed!

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