Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gretzky Trade Anniversary.......ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

1) We take it from the plethora of media reporting of a quarter century old trade that there is little else to discuss in hockey. While we are in the 'Dog Days" of August that is essentially true, we also are annoyed with the wall to wall coverage the 25 year old trade is receiving.  It seems every person involved in the deal from The Great One  all the way down to every player involved in the deal is getting interviewed by every hockey publication/media outlet.  Overkill might be a bit of an under statement.

2) We were especially amused by interviews of Jimmy Carson. The player regarded as the "center piece" of the the deal going TO Edmonton. The Michigan native basically blamed the trade on his career downfall.  The inanity of that is he scored 49 goals/100 points in his first season with The Oil! Jimmy's problem one exec with knowledge of the situation was and is "he's a selfish and self absorbed jerk".  He was beloved and fit in well with the LA lifestyle and was shocked at having to play in the 'Siberia' known as northern Alberta.  So he demanded a trade.If the process helping Edmonton win another Cup. (Oilers got Graves, Klima and Joe Murphy in the deal) But 20+ years later who cares about the whining of a has-been?!?

3) WE refuse to do any recap on the actual deal other than to say that its too bad more deals of this magnitude don't take place more often. At the time it really shook up the NHL and gave it good publicity in cities is rarely got any good acknowledgement. These days the salary cap has led to a paucity of big deals that in our opinion isn't good for the game.  In the mean time can we start to discuss actual hockey and not reminiscing about trades that are ancient?

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