Sunday, June 30, 2013

Shut Up Luongo!

1) With the recent and shocking Corey Schneider trade to New Jersey it appeared to all that the on going goalie soap opera in Vancouver had finally come to an end. Albeit not the conclusion most anticipated. Most analysts figured that the Canucks would either trade him out right or failing that would use one of their 'compliance buy-outs on the oft maligned Whop-Frog goalie.  The 34 year old is under contract until the 2021-2022 season concludes! Yes you read that correctly. Mr Luongo will be the ripe old age of 42 when this onerous deal concludes. Any wonder why the Canucks couldn't find a taker? 

2) Now to his credit Luongo annually puts up decent, if not very good numbers. His cap hit of 5.3 million is in line with a starting NHL goalie. Its the length of the deal that had fellow GM's cringing. If it had 4 or less years remaining, there is NO doubt that he would NOT be a Caunuck today. In essence he was the boobie prize. Neither party wants the current situation, but neither party can do much about it. Which brings me to the very reason why I'm writing this post. Post Schneider trade Luongo tweeted (no he wasn't hacked!) that he was "considering his options". To that we screamed WTF does that mean?? Your options Roberto are to either play another 8 years and collect your approximately 50 million left on your deal or retire. That's it, end of sentence/story. No other "options" exist sir. Believe me, if there were "Options" they would have been exercised LONG ago by Vancouver!  So shut up and stop a few pucks and enjoy the money!

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