Monday, November 7, 2011

Captain Kangaroo Takes Over Blues

1) In the season's first coaching casualty the St. Louis Blues kinda surprised the league by naming Ken Hitchcock as their new head coach, replacing Davis Payne as the Blues sit 14th in the Western Conference with a 6-7-0 record. As we wrote last month with regard to Payne:" Unlike the past 2 years the pressure will be elevated this season. Fans are getting restless for the interminable 'rebuild' to end. Injuries have hurt but management will only let that excuse work for so long. If the Blues fail to compete, Davis will be gonzo. With the slow start Blues management didn't want to allow the season to get away from them so they turned to the veteran bench boss in Hitchcock.

2) The problem one long time NHL executive told Fauxrumors is the fact that the Blues have a very young impressionable team. Full of talent yes, but fragile and green. Ken isn't known to get along with the younger players. In fact in his last stop in Columbus he rarely talked to any player under 30. We also take issue with this choice in that 'Hitch' wasn't able to maintain a good relationship with his past 2 teams, what has changed now? Its now 13 years since his Cup winning season in Dallas. Since that time he has won 4 playoff rounds and failed to make the post season two other times. We feel the 60 year old obese hockey genius' best days are behind him. At best he might have done well with a more veteran team that might have made a coaching switch, but this is a terrible fit and it won't take too long for the team to rebel against 'Hich's abrasive style

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