Sunday, July 3, 2011


1) A story was quietly released recently by the NHL that seemed to go almost unnoticed by the NHL writers/bloggers, and that's the likelihood of significant team realignment for the 2012-2013 season. So we felt it was our duty to our readers to look into the possibilities and see what is possible/likely to be seen after the shift.

2) The biggest issue(s) are the move of the Thrashers to Winnipeg and the possible(likely) move of the Coyotes. The ladder will be the biggest issue that will need to be decided to make the break down possible. As far as the Yotes are concerned its a lost cause we're told. If Matthew Hulsizer couldn't get it done, its unlikely any new potential buyer can/will. The City of Glendale has gone as far as they financially can so a new prospective buyer can not expect any further concessions. The real unknown is where will the Phoenix franchise land?

3) The initial story didn't mention which teams would play in which division BUT did hint at a significant change. There would be only 4 divisions instead of the current 6. Two in each conference. Two would have 8 and 2 would possess 7 teams. (allowing for 2 expansion teams?) We like the reduced number of divisions. Makes it MUCH more important to play for a divisional title, etc. For the sake of argument we'll say Phoenix moves East( KC?) Yes, that can/will be argued, but for this exercise we will say they move to the Central time zone. Additionally, as we have argued for before, we'd like to see a return of the original divisional names. (Or new ones we've already suggested) They gave the NHL a unique feel that some announcers still allude to. So here are our realigned divisions

4) First the Eastern or (Prince of Wales) Conference

Patrick Division

  • Tampa Bay

  • Carolina

  • Washington

  • Florida

  • Philadelphia

  • Rangers

  • Islanders

  • New Jersey

Adams Division

  • Boston

  • Buffalo

  • Montreal

  • Ottawa

  • Toronto

  • Pittsburgh

  • Detroit

5) Next, The Western or ( Campbell) Conference

Norris Division

  • Chicago

  • Dallas

  • Columbus

  • Nashville

  • Minnesota

  • St. Louis

  • (Phoenix)

Smythe Division

  • Anaheim

  • Calgary

  • Colorado

  • Edmonton

  • LA

  • San Jose

  • Vancouver

  • Winnipeg

6) We admit there are a few controversial placements. Among them are moving the penguins out of the Patrick and into the Adams. WE moved Winnipeg into the Smythe, where the old jets once played to keep the west Canadian teams happy Also moving Detroit out of the West and into the East won't make the remaining 'Norris' teams happy. We also moved Phoenix to replace Detroit. Regardless of who moves where, to keep the conferences/divisions even someone won't be happy. The final decision is supposed to be announced in December. Look for 'trial balloons' to be floated/leaked prior to the official announcement. We will keep our collective ears open and relay any info we receive.

As always, keep it here for all the latest!

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