Thursday, April 28, 2011

1st Round Post Mortem

1) We have to say that the NHL first round proved to be one of the most exciting opening rounds in years. So much intrigue, 7 game series and 2 that went to the ultimate, 7th game OT to decide the eventual series winner. First we will see where we stacked up with our predictions the we will weight in on what we see happening in the next round(which starts this evening in Vancouver)


  • Vancouver (1) -vs- Chicago (8): Original prediction Canucks in 6. Actual outcome Caunucks in 7 (OT) For full disclosure we weren't too keen on Vancouver going into game 6 after consecutive big defeats, but to their credit the canucks/Luongo rebounded and staved off/eliminated the defending champs

  • San Jose (2) vs. No. 7 Los Angeles (7): Original prediction Sharks in 5. Actual outcome Sharks in 6. No big shocker overall here. The Sharks beat a depleted Kings team and advance to the 2nd round, but Shark fans shouldn't get too excited that they had to struggle so much against an anemic offense like LA

  • Detroit(3) vs. Phoenix (6): Original prediction Redwings in 5. Actual outcome Wings in 4. The 'Yotes played as well as they probably could, yet fell relatively easily to Detroit. The Wings appear to be humming along on all cylinders. Beware Sharks!

  • Anaheim (4) vs. Nashville (5) Original prediction Preds in 6. Actual outcome Preds in 7. As we said in the outset both very good teams that its ashame 1 had to lose in the 1st round, but the preds prevailed and gained confidence winning their first playoff round in their history!

  • Capitals(1) vs. NY Rangers(8) Original prediction Rangers in 6. Actual outcome Caps in 5. Our worst showing. The caps and their new (defacto) captain Jason Arnott(along with the other Jason-Chimera, proved to be difference makers. We're still not sold on the Caps but kuddos to their win against a weak offensive team in NY

  • Philadelphia (2) vs. Buffalo (7) Original Prediction Flyers in 7. Actual outcome, Flyers in 7. This series pretty much went exactly as predicted. Down to the Flyers goaltending woes being at issue, but their overall depth everywhere else enough to overcome the Sabres

  • Canadiens (6) vs. Bruins(3): Original prediction Bruins in 7. Actual outcome, Bruins in 7(in OT). Another series that went pretty much as expected. The Habs pushed the B's as far as they could, but lost out in the end. No Cinderella dance in Montreal this year(and no downtown mayhem ; )

  • Penguins (4) vs Lightning (5): Original prediction penguins in 7. Actual outcome Lightning in 7. We are impressed how the Bolts returned from the dead(down 3 games to 1) Winning 2 at Concel Energy center to win a series few predicted they had a chance to win. Pens without their 2 best stars still pushed a star laden Lightning team to the brink, but couldn't get over the hump last night, getting blanked by 54 year old Dwayne Roloson

3) Overall out of 8 series we got the correct winner in 6 of them. Not too shabby. Next up, look for our second round predictions. Should be out later today along with an interesting piece on the caps' 'New Captain"

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