Monday, February 1, 2010

1) Sadly folks both Fauxrumors 2 and myself are going to have to have a little "leave of absence". Several issues arose at once that make a continuation of the blog difficult, and we didn't want to sacrifice the quality you have come to expect for the sake of saying the blog is 'active.'

2) FR2 is planning a LONG around the world trip/business venture(s) and I, you humble blog administrator, is about to add yet another 'faux' child to a growing stable. Therefore I will be consumed with not only the new one but the half dozen already at home!! LOL

3) However you can take it to the bank that we WILL be back either late in this year or early in the new year (2011). We WILL most definitly be back so check in every so often and lok for us as we return for next hockey season(2010-2011).

As always keepo it here for the latest!!

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