Monday, January 4, 2010

At The Half Way Point!

1) With most NHL teams having played close to half their 2009-10 schedule we decided to do what we did at-quarter-pole. Basically taking each teams record and project an 82 game season point total based upon each teams current point total/games played. As we wrote then, These are NOT Predictions, they are Projections! Also we will place teams in the order that is used for playoff seeding.

2) First in the East:

New Jersey- 121
Buffalo- 112
Washington- 108
Boston- 100
Ottawa- 94
NY Rangers- 86
Montreal- 84
Atlanta- 84 ( Habs edge out by virtue of wins)
Tampa Bay- 84
Philadelphia- 82
NY Islanders- 80
Florida- 80
Toronto- 72
Carolina- 58

3) Next the West:

Chicago- 119
San Jose- 119
Calgary- 106
Phoenix- 103
Colorado- 103
Nashville- 103
Vancouver- 99
Los Angeles- 99
Detroit- 96
Dallas- 94
Minnesota- 84
St. Louis- 80
Anaheim- 76
Columbus- 74
Edmonton- 70

4) Analysis:

  • The first thing that struck us with these numbers is how few points (at this juncture) it will take to make the playoffs in the East, (84). That would be 8-10 points fewer than in the previous post Bettman lock out seasons, and a whopping 15 points less than what it may take out West. Yet another not so subtle reminder of where the best teams are!

  • Year to year there really isn't a huge difference in the top 8 in the West (outside of Detroit's precipice fall. In the East the 'biggest losers from last year at this time are the Flyers, Panthers and Hurricanes.

5) Potential first round matchups based upon these PROJECTIONS:


  • NJ-vs- Montreal

  • Buffalo-NY Rangers

  • Washington- vs Ottawa

  • Pittsburgh-vs- Boston


  • Chicago-vs-LA

  • SJ- vs- Vancouver

  • Calgary- Vs- Nashville

  • Phoenix-vs- Colorado

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