Monday, August 11, 2008

We're Back!

1) Oh Geez! What an incredible week. Still recovering from all the travel. We probably should have stayed away a few days to recover just from that. We seemed to be on the go almost every day since last Friday. Where did we end up going? Well, we never heard of it but our final stop was a place in Argentina called Bariloche (The locals pronounced it Bah-ree-law-cheh) Still trying to figure that out. LOL The folks there are very proud and proclaim the area as "Switzerland of the Americas". After spending a week there we can see why!

2) After landing in the country's capital, where we were only in the huge airport, we took a puddle jumper (and we mean that in the literal sense as the landing strip on at our final destination was not exactly state of the art/what we are accustomed to in the states) to Catedral resort where we enjoyed skiing as good as we have ever seen in the Rockies or Alps. Conditions were perfect. Lots of powder, and not too cold. Some wind, but that's par for being at the end of the world. ; )

3) As Italian is the countries unofficial 2nd language most of us in the FR group were able to communicate very well with a majority of the locals. We would most definitely recommend it for anyone who has the means. It was a nice contrast to the heat and humidity that we left when we left from Dulles in Virginia. The thin Andes air did take something out of us, but there were no major injuries among us and we all got back to our initial airports with relative ease. We want to again thank FR2 for footing the bill. This had to be a pretty penny. Its nice to have rich friends. ; ) LOL Anyway, now back to hockey. We were able to sign in a couple of times over the week away. Due to the renewed(expected) harassment of our continuing blog-pest we had to moderate comments while we were away. Thanks for the birthday wishes from all of you who e-mailed/wrote to us. We're excited to start on our 3rd year here at FAUXRUMORS. As always, keep it here for all the latest!


Mad Monk said...

welcome back to home men. Any new things we need to know about hockey?


1) Thanks 'Monk'. BTW a programming note: Moderation has been suspended with our return to the states.

amber mac said...

Its too bad you guys couldn't hang out more in Buenos Aires. Its a cool city to hang out in. Lots of shops and the people are great! I guess Patagonia is a cool place to go as well

Rogo said...

Nice to have you fellas back in the good old US of A. I haven't gone no where's since i was in the war. I aint much for travling, but hope you fllas had a good time there. the dames nice looking?

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) FR: you are welcome! We believe we all had a great time. Not sure how we're gonna top that next summer!
2) Amber: We've been to Argentina before and agree that Buenos Aires is acool destination. For the cost conscious its also a better deal than Europe right now!
3) Rogo: We're sure FR appreciates your continued support as one of our longer/loyal readers

hawk said...


I don't believe there was a trip to anywhere. Its all made up like the rest of this blog

Show some pictures and show the airplane ticket if you realy went to south america

I bet we'l be wating a long time before you show those to us. Faux=false!


1) Amber- Yes, FR2 told us that Buenos Aires was a neat place to visit, but with the relative short amount of time we didn't have the ability to explore Argentina's capital. Oh well. : ( Thanks for the compliment!
2)Rogo- As always its great to have ya on board. We understand from talking to older folks that they don't like to travel as much as when they were younger, but we have to say this trip was totally worth it!
3) FR2: Thanks again! Next summer is way to far away for us to worry about. LOL
4) Hawk: We see that you/hockeynutz are never far away. We now take it as a compliment that you find the need to watch our every move. Something here must be awfully interesting to warrant such vigilance. LOL


Faux, it looks like your nemesis is still here. I have seen a few responses on here the last few days that are clearly an imposter trying to look like you. I kinda feel sorry for the guy. Can you imagine what kind of life he must have to have nothing to do but impersonate and bother other bloggers? LOL


1) Vlad: Yes, he's gotta have one sad existence if this blog seems to be his focal point. Its a mere mild annoyance now. we're total focused on what we originally set out to do with this blog, and the likes of one psychotic/unstable individual isn't going to derail that

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Faux, it is amazing what we have been through in the past two years with that clown! He created a handful of fake blogger Ids to go along with the stolen ones, and we simply erase them. We don't retaliate and look what we get now!

2) With this ongoing persistence it makes me wonder what else is he up to? And it seems like there is more then one of him, like he has recruited a team of helpers.

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