Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ray Bolts To Russia

1) For those who may have missed it, former Ottawa Senator goalie, ray Emery will NOT be playing hockey in the NHL, or anywhere in North America in 2008-09. According to Canadian media reports Ray Emery's NHL career is taking a detour — through Russia, where he'll collect his paycheque in rubles. The goaltender, whose contract was bought out by the Senators last month, has agreed to a one-year deal which could pay him in excess of $2 million plus bonuses next season with Atlant Mytishchi of the newly-formed Kontinental Hockey League in Russia.

2) As FR2 postulated last week, the Senators did Ray a HUGE favour by buying him out of his contract. Not only will Ray receive approximately a half million dollars from his former team the next 4 years for doing nothing, he will now make an additional 2 million tax free playing in Russia, plus whatever bonuses they gave him. No matter the bonus situation, Emery will receive MORE this season than if he had stayed in the NHL with Ottawa.

3) While some pundits have opined that this is a mistake by Emery to go over to Europe to play next season, we at FAUXRUMORS respectfully disagree. By bypassing the NHL he will be out of the glare of the camera eye for a year. Ray needs some time away to help heal the wounds (real and media generated) from last season. If he has a good season playing in the now well regarded KHL he will undoubtedly be a wanted man come July 2009. Time heals all wounds is what they say, and in NHL parlance, memories are short. If Ray has a good season all they will see is a 27 year old goalie not yet in his prime who might help a team get to the next level. Either way, he won't be hurting for cash any time soon. The 2 mil+bonuses plus the 1/3 of 2.5 the Sens will paying him the next few years should keep Ray's wardrobe up to date


FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) We hear that he felt 'dissed' by the offers he was getting. All were for back up positions, and were for less than 1 million.
2) We agree with your position that Emery can help himself IF he has a good year there. If he's a bust, then all bets are off. Of course yes, he'll be fine money-wise unless he's stupid with it.

nyr3188 said...
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nyr3188 said...

Like your site. Could you add a link to my site? It's My brother and I write about the Rangers.


1) NYR3188: Thanks guys. You're now listed. Looking forward to reading your stuff throughout the season

Mr. Spock said...

It seems you are fascinated with Emery. He's always been over rated in my opinion. He had the opportunity to enjoy the playoff run of 2007, but those of us who witnessed it can tell you Emery was not the prime reason for the success.
His skill level more than it outweighed by his personality. Addition by subtraction is the phrase. Bye-bye Ray, and good riddence!

nyr3188 said...

Thanks, I've added a link to Faux Rumors to 5-hole.

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