Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Another One Bites The Dust

1) Not really a shocker today to hear that the Toronto maple Leafs have let go their head coach Randy Carlyle. In fairness to him, he really should have not been retained after last season. he was the lamest duck coach of them all. The vultures started circling the day the season started and they simply were waiting for the team to tackle its first swoon and swoosh, he'd be gone. Sure enough once they finished a hot steak in November that had them as high as 3rd in the East, the bottom fell out of the team and they appeared to be free falling back to barely in the playoff picture.

2) Few who have examined this flawed roster were shocked to see they are where they are (near .500) They were playing well above where we'd of expected, so Randy held on till now.  There is no doubt he's a good coach and will likely find work elsewhere, certainly by next summer.  In the mean time no TO fans we've talked to expect the new regime to improve the prospects of the team going forward. Additionally, the media has been trumpeting the expectation that Red Wings bench boss Mike Babcock will be the new boss in TO come next season. We'd absolutely LOVE to see Mike re-up in the Motor City and spurn the mess that is the Maple Leaf organization. We warned Brian Burke(and he didn't listen) that coming there is a HUGE mistake, and Babcock despite the millions he'd receive would damage his resume with a tenure coaching at The ACC.


blaine said...

I think Babcock is just using us to get leverage to make more money and stay in detroit. I want to see dan Byalsma as our new permanent coach


I think I agree with you faux. Mike would be very foolish to leave us and go to that cesspool of the hockey world.

John Mollica said...

I agree that Babcock would be an idiot to leave Detroit to go to the mess in Toronto!

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