Saturday, January 17, 2015

Week 15 Picks

1) WE enter the second half of the NHL season. We hope to improve on last week's awful showing with picks from tonight's game. Our record coming in is 110-59 for a .651 winning %

Columbus at Boston: Bruins  (Lock of The Week)

 Philadelphia at Buffalo: Sabres

 Toronto at St. Louis: Blues

NY Islanders at Montreal: Habitants

 Carolina at Ottawa: Senators

Nashville at Detroit: Red wings

 Colorado at Tampa Bay: Lightning

 Edmonton at Florida: Panthers

Washington at Dallas: Stars

Arizona at Minnesota: Wild

 Calgary at San Jose: Sharks

Anaheim at Los Angeles: Kings

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 14 Results

1) Wow, that was a kick in the gut for sure!  Our first terrible night on the season. On the day/night we went a putrid 4-7 to bring the season long total to 110-59 for a still decent .651 winning %. WE did mange to squeak out the 'Lock' in a shoot out. Really St Louis?  Anyway, that stat is now 12-2 on the season.

2) We of course plan to get back on the horse next weekend when 12 games are on tap. Additionally, look for a post about the latest developments of the KHL issues and what that may mean for the NHL.
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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Week 14 Picks

1) The unofficial 2nd half of the NHL season. Most teams have hit the 40+ game mark, thus we're half way through the season. There are 11 games on the schedule today/night. Thus far on the season we are  106-52 for a .671 winning %.

Boston at Philadelphia: Bruins

Nashville at Minnesota: Wild

 Dallas at Colorado: Avalanche

Pittsburgh at Montreal: Habitants

Ottawa at Arizona: Coyotes

Detroit at Washington: Capitals

 NY Islanders at Columbus: Blue Jackets

Carolina at St. Louis:Blues  (Lock of The Week)

NY Rangers at San Jose: Sharks

 Winnipeg at Los Angeles: Kings

 Calgary at Vancouver: Canucks

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Another One Bites The Dust

1) Not really a shocker today to hear that the Toronto maple Leafs have let go their head coach Randy Carlyle. In fairness to him, he really should have not been retained after last season. he was the lamest duck coach of them all. The vultures started circling the day the season started and they simply were waiting for the team to tackle its first swoon and swoosh, he'd be gone. Sure enough once they finished a hot steak in November that had them as high as 3rd in the East, the bottom fell out of the team and they appeared to be free falling back to barely in the playoff picture.

2) Few who have examined this flawed roster were shocked to see they are where they are (near .500) They were playing well above where we'd of expected, so Randy held on till now.  There is no doubt he's a good coach and will likely find work elsewhere, certainly by next summer.  In the mean time no TO fans we've talked to expect the new regime to improve the prospects of the team going forward. Additionally, the media has been trumpeting the expectation that Red Wings bench boss Mike Babcock will be the new boss in TO come next season. We'd absolutely LOVE to see Mike re-up in the Motor City and spurn the mess that is the Maple Leaf organization. We warned Brian Burke(and he didn't listen) that coming there is a HUGE mistake, and Babcock despite the millions he'd receive would damage his resume with a tenure coaching at The ACC.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Three Headed Monster?

1) That's was the description one NHL insider told Fauxrumors the new Devils coaching strategy is headed towards (if not already there). To refresh non NJ Devils followers, 2 weeks ago, right after X-mas GM LOu Lamarello fired coach  Pete DeBoer and replaced him with an Islander-esque move of having "co-coaches". Scott Stevens would handle the defense, and Adam Oates would in essence be the offensive coordinator. Now originally we were told that Lou had no intention of also going behind the bench, but our sources tell us that at the last second he decided it would be best if there was someone who the players could relate to as being the boss, even if he were a mere 'figure head'

2) So why describe this as a 3 headed monster?  Well, as our insider told us, both Stevens and Oates were hoping to get the big gig after DeBoer was let go. When they got the call from Lamarello Christmas eve, the story goes, both expressed eagerness to take over and move the team in the direction they feel could get the franchise back to success. When told of Lou's 'unique' concept of co-coaches both men were skeptical, but felt that in time they would be named the head guy.

3) So already, we're told divisions are occurring in 'the room'.  As Lamarelllo should have foreseen, factions have already formed in the Devils dressing room. Most of the forwards want Oates to be named head coach, while the defense, and definitely Cory Schneider want the defense-first Stevens to be named the permanent top guy.  One of our NJ sources have even said that there is friction even during games among the 2 coaches.  Both trying to impress the boss who is seen most games hands folded and not really doing much more than observing and making an occasional remark to a player.

4) Lamarello is not a stupid man, and he has to know whats going on all around him. As such he is going to have to make a choice BEFORE the All star game in a few weeks.  The problem is that the 'loser' of this decision will likely not stay on to be a loyal assistant.  Stevens already left the team last summer over difference with DeBoer and feels his time has come to be given the reins. Oates probably feels likewise, but we can't confirm this.  Therefore in our opinion Lou should make his decision sooner rather than later before the season, already tenuous, becomes a total lost cause.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Week 13 Results

1) 'Lucky' Week 13 is in the books. Lucky that is for us as we went an impressive 8-2 on the day/night. The difference between an impressive and a so-so night was winning both games that went into extra time, so lucky indeed.  The results bring our season totals to 106-52 for a .671 winning %!!  We easily got our "lock" as the Rangers obliterated the Sabres. Sorry Vlad, we didn't think 'your wings' were particularly ready to win last night. Call it a hunch?  Perhaps  ;)

2) We will be back next Saturday when 'Week 14' commences and 11 games are scheduled.  We are planning a post this week concerning the 'unique' situation behind the bench in Jersey. Also we promised a reader a "power rankings' so that is on the docket either this week or next.
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Week 13 Picks

1) It's the first week of the New Year and time once again to pick Saturday games. Thus far through 12 weeks we are a very healthy 98-50, or a .662 winning %.   nnnn

Ottawa at Boston: Senators

Nashville at Los Angeles: Predators

Buffalo at NY Rangers: Rangers  (Lock of the Week)

Toronto at Winnipeg: Jets

Montreal at Pittsburgh: Habitants

 Philadelphia at New Jersey: Devils

 Columbus at Arizona: Coyotes

 Minnesota at Dallas: Wild

 Detroit at Vancouver: Canucks

 St. Louis at San Jose: Sharks
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